"Within each of us is a hidden store of energy. Energy we can release to compete in the marathon of life. Within each of us is a hidden store of courage. Courage to give us the strength to face any challenge. Within each of us is a hidden store of determination. Determination to keep us in the race when all seems lost."

~Roger Dawson

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Checking In!

Hey! Have you completed my first challenge?!?!?!


Sign up with a friend. It will be so fun, and give you a really great goal to work on.

I completed my first 5K not too long ago, it was absolutely fantastic. There is nothing like crossing that finish line! Also, decide what your goal will be for the race. Do you want to finish in certain amount of time, or run the whole time? If whatever you sign up for is not really challenging, make it so. It is not fun unless it is hard. Your sense of accomplishment will be greater if you push yourself.


Friday, February 12, 2010


What up, what up!? Tomorrow is my first ever 5K! O EM GEE! I am so excited! Tips and Tricks.

Try to get tons of fluid in 24hours before you have a pretty good work out. What you drink today, is what your body uses tomorrow.

When running long distance, PACE YOURSELF. Start out slow to warm up, then work up to your pace. Keep your pace. If you hear your feet stomp stomping then you know you have to reallign yourself.....focus on keeping your posture and breathing. If you hit your wall, slow down a hair but do not stop. WOOOOOO! IT IS SO FUN! IM ALL PUMPED UP!

Foodie Tip:

FISH OIL. Fish oil is really good for ya. My nutritionist makes me take tons of it. Good oils mmmmmmmm! Be careful though, some fish oils are bad for your liver. If you fish burp all day long because of a fish oil you took that morning, stop taking it.-Your liver cant handle it!

Checkin in:

WHO HAS SIGNED UP FOR SOMETHING?! Dont think, just do. Sign up. Usually small 5Ks are only like 25-30$$. And you get a T-Shirt! WAHOO!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010



So I have been working on my eating habits for some time now, and have learned stuff on my own and from my nutritionist and I would like to share!

It is good habit to eat around every 2-3 hours. It is good for your blood sugar and metabolism-not to mention it helps maintain a good mood!

ALSO if you do the 2-3 hour regiment. Before you go to bed have either a 1/2-1 cup of cottage cheese or a 1/2-1 cup oatmeal. It is a bit slower to digest, or whatever.-Which is good.

Mustard and chicken is a great anytime snack.

I am shopping organic now, as much as I can. I know, Im a hippy. Sue me. But it is good for you.

STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM REFINED SUGAR! Yes, that means brown sugar too. Refined sugar is so bad for you. It is pretty hard to completely eliminate, but stay away from all the obvious stuff. Stevia is a natural substitute, although, I dont appriciate the taste. Good natural sugars include: Banana, applesauce, honey, etc. -Be resourceful, and share any tips you may have!!!


"Ill never get to my goal. I cant run the extra 5 minutes. I wont get off my butt today....."

I know you have said these sorts of things to yourself just about as many times as I have! At least, I hope Im not the only one!! : )

Never say never. If you say you never will, you never will. Follow me? Never is the opitome of negative self talk. You will not succeed if you say you never will succeed. Its a fact. ALWAYS talk positively to yourself. There are things you should ALWAYS do.....

ALWAYS set a goal.
ALWAYS get it out there- once you have set your goal, let others know. ITS NO SECRET! You will push yourself if others are counting on you too.
ALWAYS push yourself. Challenge yourself. Teach yourself. Learn from your mistakes.

'Always' leads to success. 'Never' will lead you nowhere.

There are not many things a person CANT do. You are more capable and full of potential than you know. You CAN run that extra minute, mile, whatever. You CAN. There is nothing you cant do. Cant is not in your vocabulary anymore. If cant is on your mind, change it. The that 'T' where to go.

You WILL succeed. You WONT fail. If you do everything YOU can. Push yourself to YOUR limit, you will reach your goal. -And you will be happier for it!

Sunday, February 7, 2010



Couple of tips coming your way, hope you are ready!

When I was first starting to loose weight, I had a LONG way to go. 5'6" 210 lbs. I was not exactly at my peak, so the thought of huffing it up some stairs, or on a treadmill made my head spin. SO I just started where I could. I began at a half hour work out, going 3.0mph. -And I did that every day until it was not difficult anymore. Then I just stepped it up from there, 1 hour 4.0mph and so on.

If you struggle with no motivation or negative self talk, you gotta nip it! It can be difficult to stay motivated, which is why you MUST set goals for yourself, and KEEP A JOURNAL. Write in that journal every night about how you feel, what you would like to acheive, and how you plan to do so. NEVER tell yourself that you cant do something. Because you CAN. And you WILL. All it is is one foot in front of the other.

So quick little tips:

Keep a journal for motivation.
No negative self talk.-YOU CAN YOU WILL.
Start with what you can do. Dont kill yourself.

Also, if you are just begining some kind of regiment, dont weigh yourself for the first 3 weeks. Weight is a funny thing, and if you keep checking on it and nothing changes too much you might get discouraged. Focus on the end goal, know that if youve only lost 2lbs you will loose more, and you have to be happy with the progress you make. You will feel the benefits in other ways.

ALSO, for those who are a little more advanced and want a good challenge:
INTERVALS!!!! They are your best friend. 60seconds @ a lower speed (4.5mph) 60 seconds at a high speed (6.0-7.0mph).


Grapfruits are so good for you. Try and eat one a day, good for your heart and only 35 calories! And they taste good too.


You will slip up and slack off. You are human, it happens. The difference between your success and failure is that you pick it back up again and try harder the next time. Remember how you feel when you do and do not do well. You will notice a difference in energy level, mood, sleeping habbits, skin, etc. Just keep up the program.


Saturday, February 6, 2010


I also want to do a series of challenges, and I would love to hear your feedback. -Also, I will be participating in every 'CHALLENGE' I put out there. I put my money where my mouth is!


Sign up for some kind of event that you can look forward to, and train for. It can be anything from a 5k race, triathalon, walk, sporting event, hike....WHATEVER. Just sign up and commit.-OR plan to do it with your friends, but make sure you pick a day, so that you actually follow through.

I just signed up for 5k in 2 weeks, and will be participating in another one in a couple of months. Also, try signing up for something that has a 'cause' that you are pationate about.-This will motivate you.

Lets hear about what you choose to do! I am excited!

A Whole New Me!


This blog is meant to help those of you out there who are struggling, like I have done, with weight and overall balance of life. Life is already hard enough without adding to it the challenges of being overweight, unhappy, unhealthy, and stressed. This will be a support 'group' where we can all come together and motivate each other to succeed in our individual goals. I will periodically post 'health tips' and hope for the same from my readers! : )